Charder HM200P Portable Mechanical Stadiometer


Portable Mechanical Stadiometer

The HM200P mechanical stadiometer disassembles into small pieces for easy transportation using the included carry case. It can be set up nearly anywhere for measurement at home, in offices, or in clinics.



Categories: Charder, Weighing Scale


Product Specifications

Capacity 14-205 cm (5.5-80.7 inch)
Graduation0.1 cm (1/16 inch)
Dimensions350 (W) x 400 (D) x 2430 (H) mm
13.8 (W) x 15.7 (D) x 95.7 (H) inch
Device Weight2.0 kg / 4.4 lb (Carry Case 0.6 kg / 1.3 lb)

Product Functions

Design features
Stabilizers if measuring against wall for maximum accuracy
Portable for professionals on the move
Disassembles into 4 sections and stores with headpiece in base
AccessoriesAR-2481, AR-00001 Carrying Bag