Omron HBF-222T Body Composition Monitor


With advanced Bluetooth Connectivity embedded in OMRON HBF-222T Body Composition Monitor, you will be able to send the collected data from the machine directly to the OMRON connect app on your smart devices. This data can then be easily fed into other weight / diet management apps. This will allow you to have total control of your weight management program at your fingertips.

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Body Weight

Body Mass Index (BMI)

Skeletal Muscle

Body Fat

4 Users Memory with Auto Recognition for the Users

Resting Metabolism

Body Age

Visceral Fat

OMRON connect App makes it easy to save, track and manage your health data in one place.

  • BP Diary specifically designed to manage your blood pressure health
  • HealthGift rewards you for regular measurements
  • See the list of supported smart devices prior to purchase

Bluetooth® Connectivity


Product Features

4 Users Memory with Auto Recognition for the Users
You only enter personal data the first time; after which the monitor recognizes the user when you step on it.

Visceral Fat
Age range is 18 to 80 years old

Body Age
Calculated by using your weight and body fat percentage to assess if your body age is above/ below the average for your actual age

OMRON connect App makes it easy to view, save, and manage your health data
Export data to .csv file for sharing with your doctor and take charge of your health!

Bluetooth® Connectivity

Allow you to track your readings via OMRON connect by wirelessly syncing to your smartphone