CareSens N Blood Glucose Monitoring System


CareSens N Glucose Monitor, an important device for individuals managing diabetes. This glucose monitor is designed to assist patients in accurately and conveniently tracking their blood sugar levels, playing a vital role in effective diabetes management.

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Features & Benefits

Advanced Technology for Accurate Results
The CareSens N Glucose Monitor is equipped with advanced technology that ensures accurate and reliable blood glucose readings. This precision is crucial for making informed decisions about medication adjustments, dietary choices, and overall health management.

User-Friendly Design
One of the standout features of the CareSens N Glucose Monitor is its user-friendly design. The device is ergonomically crafted for ease of use, featuring a clear display, intuitive controls, and a simple testing process. The large, easy-to-read screen is particularly beneficial for individuals with visual impairments or those who may have difficulty handling small devices.

Minimal Blood Sample Size
The CareSens N Glucose Monitor requires only a small blood sample for testing, minimizing discomfort for patients during the testing process. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who may be sensitive to needle pricks or have difficulty producing larger blood samples.

Quick Results and Memory Storage
With rapid testing capabilities, the CareSens N Glucose Monitor provides quick results within seconds of conducting a test. Additionally, the device typically includes memory storage for previous readings, allowing patients and healthcare providers to track trends over time and make informed adjustments to the diabetes management plan.

Customizable Alerts and Reminders
CareSens N Glucose Monitors offer customizable alerts and reminders, helping patients adhere to their testing schedules and medication routines. These reminders can be particularly beneficial for individuals with busy lifestyles or those who require assistance in maintaining consistent monitoring habits.

Product Specification

Sample Type : Fresh capillary whole blood

Enzyme : GOD

Sample Size : 0.5 μL

Measurement Time : 5 seconds

Measurement Range : 20-600 mg/dL (1.1-33.3 mmol/L)

Hematocrit : 15-65%

Dimension : 93 x 47 x 15 mm

Weight : 51.5 g

Calibration Method : Auto-coding

Strip Type : CareSens® N Strip

Memory : 1,000 tests

Power Source : Two 3.0V lithium batteries (CR2032)

Battery Life : 3,000 tests

Operating Temperature : 5-50°C (41-122°F)

Strip Storage Temperature : 1-30°C (34-86°F)

Operating Humidity : 10-90%

Strip Shelf Life : 24 months from manufacturing date

Communication : USB

Meter Test Strips expiry date : December 2023

Box Content

1 CareSens N Blood Glucose Meter

10 CareSens N Blood Glucose Test Strips

1 Owner’s Booklet

1 Quick Reference Guide

1 Logbook

1 Lancing Device

10 Lancets

2 Batteries

1 Carrying Case